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Stop Snoring Devices and Side Effect

Snoring is the unpleasant or harsh sound that occurs when your breathing is partially blocked when you are asleep. Snoring can often cause sleepless nights and also disrupt your partner's sleep. In fact, snoring can also lead to a serious sleep disorder known sleep apnea. However, since snoring is not a very serious problem, learning about the various stop snoring devices available in the market can be highly beneficial in helping you reduce or stop snoring. Take a look at some of these stop devices and side effect listed below in this guide.
Stop Snoring Devices and Side Effects

1. Anti Snoring pillows

This anti- snoring device is a great aid for all those people who tend to snore on their back. Using an anti -snore pillow helps support your head and neck properly, thereby allowing maximum airflow through the airways. The fact that an anti- snore pillow provide proper alignment of head, neck and spine and allows the body to remain in its natural position, using this anti -snoring aid can play a vital role in preventing an obstruction in the airways, thereby preventing snoring.
Side Effects: People using anti – snore pillows often find experience neck pain after using it for extended periods of time. In addition, some people using this stop snoring device often feel that these pillows have a strong chemical smell which makes it difficult to use them. 

2. Chin straps
This is on those stop snoring device that is worn over the head and below the chin. Wearing a chin strap during night helps hold the jaws in proper position and keeps your mouth closed. This helps clear airways, thereby allowing air to pass through easily during sleep. Moreover, since wearing this stop snoring device helps cover your mouth, it prevents creating an extra pressure on the throat that can otherwise trigger vibration of tissues and cause snoring.
Side Effects: Most people using stop snoring device have complained of having experienced a jaw pain after wearing a chinstrap. In addition, while some snorers using this device have also complained of experiencing tooth ache, few of them often were left feeling pressure or a headache after using a tight chin strap.

3. Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

This stop snoring device is designed specially to prevent the tongue and throat structures from falling back into the throat and obstruct those airways. Thus, while some of these anti snoring mouthpieces are designed to stabilize the tongues, a few are designed specially to hold the jaw in a slightly forward position. Using them regularly can help you get used to this device and help you stop snoring. 
Side Effects: Some of the most common side effects experienced after using this anti snore device are dry mouth or increased drooling, slight shifting of teeth and experiencing a slight discomfort in your teeth or jaw temporarily.
4. Nasal Strips

This anti- snore device is basically adhesive bandages that are usually required to be placed outside the nose. Using these nasal strips helps support and lift the nasal passages open wider, thereby allowing you to breathing easily through your nose. These nose strips used to stop snoring essentially do not contain any medication and is best suited for those people who tend to snore due to sinus problems, cold or allergies. However, It should be remembered that these anti – snore nasal strips should not be used by children who are under five years of age.
Side Effects: People with sensitive skin often experience rashes after using these adhesive bandages to stop snoring. Moreover, since these strips contain natural rubber latex, using them can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. 
5. Anti Snoring Spray

Snoring is often caused when the tissues of the throat tend to become too dry. The fact that an anti snoring nasal spray contains natural oils, using this stop snoring device helps lubricate the uvula (tissues hanging behind the throat) and the soft palate, thereby eliminating the sound caused due to the vibration. The anti- snoring spray is basically required to be dispensed towards the back of the throat and then swallowed. Using this spray regularly before going to bed can be beneficial in preventing you from snoring all through the night. 
Side Effects: The fact that most of these anti -snore sprays contain saline as one of their ingredients, using this stop snoring device can sometimes make you itchy and cause hives. In fact, it can sometimes make it difficult for some people to breathe easily.
6. Mandibular Advancement Devices

This anti -snoring device proves to be a perfect option for those people who tend to snore due to the vibration of the back of the tongue. Using a mandibular advancement device (MAD) or a mandibular repositioning splint can prove to be highly beneficial in helping your jaw and tongue move forward, thereby preventing your tongue from blocking the airways. In fact using this stop snoring device can also help with sleep apnea to a great extent. 
Side Effects: People using this stop snoring device have often complained of bite misalignment and facial muscle and jaw pain.

How to choose a proper Anti snoring Device?

The numerous stop snoring device are usually designed to take care of the breathing issues of the snorers. However, when buying a stop snoring device, opting for the one that helps you tackle the cause of your snoring rather than the breathing issue can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you stop snoring. In addition, it is important that the anti- snoring aid you choose should be comfortable to use. Most of the anti- snore aids are often addictive in nature. Select a stop snoring device that will help you sleep peacefully even if you are not using the device. However, if you find it difficult to sleep properly without these devices, it is highly recommended that you either change the device or consult your physician about it.  
If you one of those people who are looking for an anti- snore aid to help you from stop snoring, considering the above mentioned stop snoring devices and side effect can prove to quite helpful in helping you buy the perfect anti snoring device for yourself. 


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