Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stop snoring with laser surgical therapy

The snoring originates from the vibration of the mucosa of the upper airways and the resulting sound. This is caused by partially blocked airflow during sleep . Sometimes there may be a noise just mentioned but in other cases it may reach levels of volume - and therefore noise - very high.

Snoring - as difficulty in breathing - does not allow the patient to rest biologically well and disturbs the sleep of those who are near . The phenomenon is not exhausted in disorder generic but represents a real risk factor for diseases also very serious . The habitual snorer / is subject to several chronic disorders such as daytime drowsiness, irritability , trouble concentrating , and decreased libido . Various scientific studies have established and confirmed that the risk of a heart attack in a loud snorer is higher ( +34 %). Also the risk of ' stroke increases significantly . There are other scientific studies that have linked snoring loudly with brain disorders .

The snoring is affecting the way of life and social relations . Often it is the partner who stressed nights disturbed by inducing the subject to search for a solution . Snoring can then become a source of conflict even unconsciously connected . One recent study found an improvement in marital relations in patients undergoing surgery laser .

Snoring, a problem that afflicts many millions of people and their partners. The obstruction of the free flow of air is due to an excess of tissue in the soft palate . The patient during the night can also experiment episodes of sleep apnea caused by the temporary total obstruction of the air flow .

The problem in ' collective imagination is tied to a male patient overweight. In our twenty-year series we could see that - although it is true that males are more numerous and loud snorers - the woman russatrice is less understanding on the part of the partner and therefore suffer to a greater extent the social aspect of the disease.

Snoring Remedies
Who wants to stop snoring surely is confronted with a series of " remedies " paliativi that do not solve the problem effectively. From scientific point of view snoring can be treated in two ways :

Use of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure )

Indeed this device - pushing the air - it prevents the tension due to inhalation and reduces snoring and episodes of apnea .

LAUP (Laser-Assisted Uvuloplatoplasty)

This intervention is aimed at the reduction of tissue present in the upper airways. In this way, it eliminates or drastically reduces air friction during breathing at night. The laser technology has made the surgery much less invasive and free of complications.
The Medical Laser for about 20 years successfully performs this technique of laser surgery. Thousands of patients due to uvulofaringopalatoplastica by laser have solved their problem of snoring and often found the serenity of the couple that night-time noise compromised .

Snoring: Sleep apnea
Among the negative factors of snoring are the syndrome of ' sleep apnea , frequent and temporary interruptions of breathing during sleep that involve frequent awakenings during the night ( or at least a bad sleep ) but also a systematic and insufficient oxygenation. The apnea breathing at night can last 10-40 seconds and be repeated hundreds of times throughout the no


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