Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stop snoring easily and safely with anti snore ring

Snoring is a pretty common problem and can affect both the snorer and the people around. It usually brings along a host of other problems such as sleep deprivation, drowsiness during work hours, irritability. It can even make partners cranky and bitter due to the interrupted sleep caused by the snoring. In some severe cases it can also cause heart attack and brain damage. According to statistics more than 30 percent of adults in America suffer from some degrees of snoring. Keeping in mind all the damage it can do to your health and social life, if you or your partner is a snorer, you should immediately do something to eliminate problem.

There are several ways of treat snoring starting from medication to oral devices. However, having medication can lead to undesirable side effects and most oral devices are known to be extremely uncomfortable. People are also advised to lose weight or to stop smoking, which more often than not fails to effectively eliminate the problem. In some extreme cases people also go for surgical procedures to deal with the problem.

One of the most risk free and easiest way to deal with snoring is to wear an anti snoring ring. Anti snoring rings are small metallic rings with two bumps on its inside facing the finger. The ring presses down on two acupressure points and frees airway to stop the problem of snoring. Anti snoring rings continuously stimulate these points and eliminates snoring giving you and your partner peaceful nights of sleep. So all you need to do is to put on the anti snoring ring and say goodbye to your days of disturbed sleep.

How does it work?

Acupressure is a proven form treatment known for effectively treating several kinds of disorders and its origin dates back to 3000 BC China. The ring combines modern day innovation and ancient acupressure knowledge to effectively deal with one of the most common sleeping disorders known to man. The ring has two precisely positioned bumps which apply pressure on two nerve points present between the knuckles and the first joint of the little finger of your left hand. These two points are the SI-2 short for Small Intestine 2 and the HT-9 or the Heart Meridian 9. By stimulating these specific pressure points energy flow is increased in the body which in turn improves breathing. The pressure positively affects the central nervous system and helps to reduce swelling caused by sinus it also clears out the nasal cavity. This effectively eliminates snoring, saving you the trouble of buying expensive devices or having medication that can have unwanted side effects.

When to wear it?

The anti snore ring needs to be worn 30 minutes before you go to sleep and should be kept so all night only to be taken off after you wake up.

Does the ring have any side effects?

Because the ring is drug free in nature, it has no known side effects and can be safety used. However if you feel any numbness or pain in the finger you take it off and put it on again or get a larger size. If the problem persists consult a doctor. The ring does not have any magnets so it's completely safe for people who have pacemakers.

Final Verdict:
The anti snoring ring might sound too good to be true, however it has been proven effective and safe. Let's look at the points that makes anti snore ring an ideal solution to treat snoring.

INEXPENSIVE: The ring is a lot cheaper when compared to oral devices and surgical procedure.

EFFECTIVE: In a conducted trial 85 percent of the people using anti snore ring found it to be effective in eliminating snoring.

NO SIDE EFFECTS: It's just like wearing a normal ring and has no known side effects.

COMFORTABLE: Most oral devices used to treat snoring are highly uncomfortable which can lead to interrupted sleep, while anti snore rings are as comfortable as wearing a ring.

When compared to other methods anti snore ring is an inexpensive, effective, comfortable and side effect free solution to deal with snoring. So if you are someone suffering from snoring or if you sleep beside a person who snores, an anti snoring ring might be all you will ever need get undisturbed sleep for the rest of your life.

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