Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snoring: natural remedies and not to quit

How do you not snore? For many it is a real fix , because it is not easy to quit and , with his mouth open or closed mouth , it can be really annoying. In any case we must not forget that there are some specific natural remedies that can be of great help. In addition to these, you can also make use of particular strategies , which are of little tricks to put in place and that contribute to our overall well-being . Many times it does not cost anything to try : it might be the right time to stop snoring , without neglecting what are the causes of snoring , such as sleep apnea , and acting directly on them.

 russare rimedi naturali smettere
Natural remedies
Among the remedies to avoid the trouble there are some excellent natural solutions , we can take into consideration. The herbal medicine provides us with the basil or perilla China . It is used in particular the oil extracted from the seeds , which are rich in flavonoids and fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Noteworthy are the effects of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory .
If the cause of snoring is to be found in our overweight , we can use the herbal slimming ( kelp, Garcinia and Gymnema , dandelion ) , which help to reduce body weight and detoxify the body , aiding sleep without disturbance .
You might also want a tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water. In this way you can develop a solution with which to moisten the nasal mucosa several times a day and especially at night before going to sleep. The remedy has a disinfectant and decongestant.

The tricks
There are also some tricks to not snore. You can try sleeping on your side , to prevent belly up the tissues of the soft palate and relax as you begin to vibrate. There are also useful tools for us to take this position, as the bracelet which gives mild shocks or snoring pillows , with which it is impossible to sleep on their backs because of the rise of which are provided in correspondence of the cervical spine .
To avoid bad breath and do not obstruct the trachea , it would be better to sleep with your head a bit ' more relieved , perhaps with an extra pillow . Then there are the bite , the plastic units used by boxers , which are held between the teeth , preventing the tongue from blocking the trachea .
Remember also to humidify the environment , because the air is too dry irritates the nostrils , forcing you to breathe through your mouth and exacerbating the problem.
It ' important not to overeat in the evening for dinner and avoid fried foods , condiments , dairy products and alcohol . You should try to avoid going to bed immediately after eating , to avoid difficulties associated with the process of digestion. In addition, to relax, you can take a hot shower before going to bed, in order to free up clogged nasal passages and also facilitate the passage of air . We also use the special recording techniques to discover the disorders related to snoring.
It is estimated that thirteen million Italians who snore . The problem may be limited , if you would avoid taking sleeping pills , which , inducing a deep sleep , contribute to the relaxation of the muscles of the pharynx and the increase of the vibration of the vocal cords. Patches and sprays can be helpful, but only in the case of minor ailments .


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