Tuesday, December 3, 2013

4 steps to stop snoring

Snoring is a non- intentional , annoying and sometimes embarrassing. There are many different reasons why this happens, and it may be some underlying conditions , poor posture in sleep, or simply excessive fatigue . Fortunately , just as there are many reasons why you start to snore, are also lots of ways to quit.

Snoring can be caused for example by an excess of tissue in the nose or throat , or by the position of the tongue . There are several traditional treatments to help cure this and other problems , but if all else fails, and even the medical advice they work, the last card could be surgery. But let's see after the jump how to solve the problem without going under the knife .

Step 1: Place several pillows under your head to keep it in the highest position. Sleeping on your side can help. If you prefer to sleep in the supine position ( resting on the back and belly up ) , sew a tennis ball into the back of a T-shirt to keep you from doing so.

Step 2: Limit your intake of alcohol and clean the nostrils before going to sleep. Keep your nasal airways wide open can prevent you from opening your mouth to breathe during sleep.

Step 3 : Use a continuous positive airway pressure with a mask like the one that is often given to those who suffer from sleep apnea ( a condition where you stop breathing while you sleep ) . Snoring is a common consequence of sleep apnea and wear the mask will ensure receiving enough oxygen , eliminating the need to breathe through your mouth .

Step 4: Use a dental device , similar to that use sports to protect the mouth or what doctors give to those who suffer from bruxism ( teeth continuous movement of crawling on each other during sleep) . These devices regulate the position of the jaw and tongue to keep the airway open .


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