Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sleep without snoring with natural remedies

When snoring is steady and strong can cause serious health problems, mostly related to the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea . Some natural remedies may intervene in the resolution of the problem

Sleep without snoring with natural remedies
Natural remedies for snoring does not vary according to the causes of this discomfort . Snoring , or more simply, the pathology of snoring, is provided between sleep disturbance , and is not just a harmless nuisance , but a disease that affects equally regardless of sex and age , and between the various consequences brings with hypertension and heart disease.

During sleep, the weakening of the muscle tone of the throat and retreat of the back of the tongue reduce the size of the cavity where it passes through the air , causing turbulence and vibration in the flexible region of the palate and pharynx , causing snoring . Without taking into account the annoyance caused to other , snoring can give rise to a more serious obstruction of the air passage , characterized by respiratory pauses of variable intensity .

This more serious condition called sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea , can be caused by several factors such as being overweight , intake of alcohol, tobacco , sleeping pills and tranquilizers, before sleep, an incorrect position ( supine ) during sleep, great fatigue, sinusitis and colds.

Natural Remedies for stop Snoring
Among the main natural remedies for snoring is not used in herbal medicine is the basil or perilla China ( Perilla frutescens) is an aromatic plant in the family Lamiaceae, just like "our" basil. Is extracted from the seeds an oil that was found to have considerable importance in the field of natural medicine as they are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and flavonoid complexes . Especially the last active form of perilla plant outstanding against allergies. Lately, the use of Perilla frutescens was also recommended against snoring.

It is a phenomenon very annoying, especially for those who suffer , and it is studied from a specific branch of medicine that is the roncologia . The wealth of polyunsaturated fatty acids combined effect of anti-inflammatory and antiallergic perilla seeds , makes it likely, with the help of this plant finally able to sleep soundly . This plant is a dietary supplement in the form of beads and the recommended dosage is usually 1-2 a day. If the cause is being overweight , instead we have to act on its reduction due to weight loss herbs , which are used in herbal medicine for weight control . These natural remedies often perform the dual function of acting on slimming and detoxifying the body , especially when you eat poorly or makes use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or drugs .


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