Tuesday, December 3, 2013

15 minutes to stop snoring

In a quarter of an hour you can say goodbye to snoring . It takes an intervention in microsurgery. When does it work?

When you operate. In most cases , the cause of snoring , the scientific name of the disorder that leads to snoring , is rhinogenous : Russian is because there is an obstruction in the nose , due to deviated nasal septum , in a narrowing of the nasal valve or an irreversible enlargement of the turbinates , the projections lamellar bone located on the inside of the nasal cavity ( three for each nasal cavity : upper, middle , lower ) , and lined with mucous membrane rich in blood vessels, regulating the flow of air to the trachea , the heat and humidify .

To determine the chronic hypertrophy of these structures, especially the lower ones , are nasal allergies , chronic irritation problems , infections , the careless use of nasal vasoconstrictor spray . In addition to trauma, inflaccidimento cartilage and surgeries unsuccessful .

Intervention flash. Paul explains Gottarelli lecturer in aesthetic surgical techniques of functional correction of the nasal pyramid at the University of Ferrara : " To finally restore the functionality of the turbinates , and remedy to snoring , allowing air to escape freely and entare , the technique of choice is the lower turbinoplasty amended ( MIT ) in 15 minutes, without pain, without the annoying endonasal swabs , without the risk of bleeding and without the specter of relapse . "

The technique of microsurgery. This microsurgical operation is performed under sedation . An incision to open the turbinate . "So we proceed with the reduction of both the cavity mucus cavernous , both the bone component ," continues Gottarelli . " Finally, it performs a continuous suture and airtight , from the back towards the outside , with a special thread made ​​of resorbable polylactic acid ."

The suture restores swirled to form and seal a wound which , in a highly vascularized area which is to disturb the septal , otherwise bleed in a copious . Equally brief is the post-operative course : a maximum of one night of hospitalization for safety . And nothing dressings : only if you have also made a plastic nose, apply guardians of protection.


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