Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All technique to stop snoring

Who has not ever stay up all night due to someone next to us in bed, which does nothing more than snoring. In fact, even if we complain about this, it is important to know that snoring is a real disease and it is not very easy to stop snoring , even if you will, is to open mouth to mouth shut. Before resorting to drastic solutions is useful to know that there are no drugs or natural remedies to combat the tendency to snore , but there are good remedies and some tricks in order to eliminate this bad habit . To sleep peacefully and live with serenity the night, sleeping well , preventing many diseases and even sleeping better with others.

come fare per smettere di russare

Fight the tendency to snore : the natural remedies
There are excellent natural solutions that can help fight the tendency to snore as herbal medicine that uses particularly the basil or perilla China . Snoring can also use the oil extracted from flaxseed, which are rich in flavonoids and fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 which have calming effects , anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory . The cause of russarepuò also be linked to being overweight, in this case we can use the herbal slimming , as fucus , Gymnema , Garcinia and dandelion . These plants help to detoxify the body , allow you to lose weight and promote sleep .
It is also recommended to prepare a tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water, with this solution you can moisten the nasal mucosa several times a day and especially at night before going to sleep to prevent snoring thanks to the disinfectant and decongestant salt .

Not to snoring , there are also many tricks that you can implement . For example, you can try to sleep on your side , so that the belly-up will help the tissues of the soft palate relax preventing russarea not begin to vibrate. The position in which you sleep relies heavily on the final result of snoring or less , in which case there are many small instruments such as the bracelet which gives mild shocks or pillows snoring , preventing you from sleeping on your back because of the rise that possess at the the cervical spine.


To avoid bad breath and do not obstruct the trachea can also sleep with your head a bit ' more relieved with several pillows, maybe one over the other . There are also excellent bite , these plastic devices used by boxers , these athletes take the bite between the teeth , preventing the tongue from blocking the trachea . Before going to sleep is also crucial humidify the environment , as if the air is too dry irritates the nostrils , causing the person to breathe through the mouth and maximizing the problem of snoring during the night.

In order not snore at night also has the power , for example before you go to sleep at night at dinner you should avoid fried foods , condiments , dairy products and alcohol . Avoid then put to bed immediately after eating because this would avoid activating the process of digestion. It is recommended that instead of before bed take a hot shower to rid the nasal passages clogged and facilitate the passage of air .

The dangers to be encountered if you snore

Fight the tendency to snore is also a health issue because according to some scientific studies the continuous snoring could cause cardiovascular problems . According to the Italian Association of Hospital Pulmonologists snoring was a symptom of a serious cardiovascular problem as snoring would be the result of something that is not affixed to the body .

In addition, obstructive apnea in the long run can damage the heart . According to the scientists in the moment in which the individual does not breathe because of these apneas , increases to the maximum the risk of stroke by at least four times. Increases rather than twice the risk of experiencing high blood pressure, the same is true also for metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Some studies have demonstrated the link between obstructive sleep apnea and obesity. Patients who suffer from the tendency to snore can in fact often develop hypertension, diabetes, and neurocognitive deficits may suffer from cardiovascular complications such as angina , heart attacks and strokes .

Finally, several years ago a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the nocturnal paroxysmal atrial fibrillation , is a major cause of the formation of blood clots and is related to sleep apnea . Obviously, these considerations are taking into account that sufferers of snoring is usually a person is overweight or obese , and in those cases the ' excessive weight gain in itself can cause many problems to the heart and brain. The correlation between snoring and cardiovascular problems to the obesity might find its completion.


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