Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stop Snoring with the new technique "the blind"

If, for who does the problem is , for those who suffer the inconvenience of nocturnal snoring can turn into a nightmare because of insomnia and nervousness. Good news for this army of partners, friends , children and parents are forced to divide their " sweet dreams " every night with the unpleasant sound produced by snorers : a new reversible and repeatable surgical solution could solve , once and for all , the annoying noise , quiet nights returning to thousands of Italians .

The new anti-snoring , which could give back to sleep many , the new technique , called " the blinds " , has been designed and developed by a team of experts at the Policlinico of Milan and is already being used , to the satisfaction and success, by 25 people .

The name of the innovative method is already " a program " : the mechanism used is very similar to that used to move , close, and tends to handle the package , to calibrate and adjust the amount of light that allow to filter . As if they tend to pull, in the case of the technique against snoring , are lifted tissues of the throat. And ' right there, in the walls of the upper respiratory mucosa , in fact, due to their vibration , aided by the forced passage of air in places where they are touching each other , which triggers snoring.

"The mechanism of the packet curtain is applied to the uvula and soft palate through the insertion of special sutures that the stretched properly set and then knotted , favor the passage of air , preventing the vibration of these tissues and consequently the noise generated in the snorer . To expand the space and allow more air can also act even on the tonsil pillars rear , with the same method can be moved forward and to the side , "noted the inventor of the new method , Professor Mario Mantovani Unit operative Otolaryngology of the Fondazione IRCCS Ca ' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan.

There is no comparison with the traditional techniques of intervention , such as uvulofaringopalatoplastica (implies the removal of the tonsils ) , the new technique eliminates this annoying problem , often unbearable, but does not affect any tissue completely , keep them intact and does not cause any effect side .
"For now, the surgery is only indicated in the simple snorer or with mild sleep apnea . The operation requires general anesthesia because the flare caused by surgical maneuvers to tie the threads inside the mouth would otherwise be poorly tolerated by the patient and prevent the surgeon to act with the necessary accuracy . However, we are already developing improvements based on the use of absorbable special threads that do not need to be knotted. If we get the same results we can think of a less invasive intervention still run without general anesthesia . The post-operative discomfort is minimal, the patient feels is a transient feeling of fullness that lasts no more than 24-36 hours, " the expert added .


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