Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snoring: why it is dangerous!

Until now those who snore are held up at the most inconvenient neighbors such as bed and nothing else , but soon could be considered with more weight knowing that these are people who , without even imagine , as a result of their snoring all night could expect to face in real accidents of nature cardio vascular .

According to the Italian Association of Hospital Pulmonologists , in fact, the Russian who , without knowing it , it is as if he carried within himself a timer ready to play loudly on the first real serious cardiovascular problem and this is because , according to the researchers , you want it to Russian as a result of something that the body does not work the best , you want the obstructive apnea in the long run harms the heart , the fact is that the threat hanging over the " snorer " , much more than the incumbent on the part of those who sleep near " !
Science believes , therefore, that those seconds in which the individual is not breathing because of these apneas , increase the risk of stroke by at least four times, two times the risk of experiencing high blood pressure, similar doubling you against diseases metabolic as , for example , diabetes . Moreover, according to Giuseppe Insalaco , in charge of Physiopathological dell'AIPO " The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea is increasing in parallel with the obesity epidemic . Patients tend to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, and neurocognitive deficits are likely to experience cardiovascular complications such as angina , heart attacks and strokes . "

At this point it's not clear whether the results arrived at by scientists are a little " polluted " by the fact that, while the finding that the individual who is normally a Russian obese or overweight , it is not as easy annettergli all these health troubles , as the condition of excessive weight gain by itself opens the door to serious consequences and indirectly to the heart to the brain. So , it seems to understand, that you are not adding any more step in the way of risk factors for these patients where the obstructive apnea would add as much as should convince these individuals to lose weight and to control himself more through the use of periodic visits care.

"Some time ago a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the nocturnal paroxysmal atrial fibrillation , a major cause of the formation of blood clots , it is related to sleep apnea - adds Andrew Romigi , the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Policlinico Tor Vergata in Rome - . And hypertension secondary to apneas , which among other things often do not respond to medication , is very frequent and risky because it causes an inversion paragraph in the pressure : the pressure drops at night and in fact increases by day, contrary to what happens than usual. " But who by night goes apnea is aware of this avalanche of dangers that may fall on his head ? "Today more than ever before - Romigi answers - although a few still associate with the sudden onset of hypertension, the possibility of sleep apnea as a cause. However, we are improving compared to the past, the diagnosis also gradually increase . " Sleep apnea is diagnosed , however , just hospitalized in specialized centers and undergo the examination called polysomnography , which monitors the crisis of obstructive apnea occurring during sleep.

The therapy is divided on two phases coincide , the first provides for the weight loss and the removal of all those factors that reduce the right sleep physiology , the second consists in a mask to be taken of the fact that sleeping pump air pressure reducing risks to the patient . In this way, only in America would tear you to certain death almost thousand patients a year !


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