Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Easy tips to avoid snoring

Schnarchen: Schnarchen
Snoring is uncomfortable, not only for those who have to sleep next to a snorer , but often even when he tears for the snorer himself by too loud saws from the dreams . There are a few simple tips for snoring that you can try before reaching for the medications: Altering the sleeping position - hold head high and so counteract the swelling of the nasal mucosa . In some people, narrowing the nasal membranes if they are in a horizontal position , which adversely affects the nasal breathing . Sleep in the supine position is a major cause of snoring , so sleep when possible on the page .

If this does not by itself is possible , one can try to make sleeping on your back as uncomfortable as possible (eg by looking at highlighted an article or attached it to the back of the pajamas ) . Another tip for snoring is , two or better four hours before bedtime no more alcohol to take it, because this can relax the muscles of the palate and promotes snoring.

Similarly to completely eliminate sleeping and sedative. The body gets accustomed to fixed bedtimes . This method also can try to chronic snoring. The body adapts to the state of rest and relax more easily. As also can cause an allergy to dust mites and bed springs to snoring, the sleepwear should always be freshly washed and aired frequently.

If these tips for snoring help all not quite sure you can get from the pharmacy either an anti -snoring spray - this hardens and stabilizes the soft palate - or one resorts to nose strips. This patch should be applied on the bridge of the nose and wide the airways by a pulling up of the nostrils . The strips are particularly recommended for colds or snoring that is caused by a stuffy nose. The patch is 5-6 euros cheaper to buy than the spray, which usually costs around ten to twenty euros .


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