Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snoring with your health

Occasional episodes of snoring does not have a negative influence on health. The ' increase in the frequency and severity of snoring instead may negatively affect your health in a direct manner and can increase the risk of serious conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

Snoring means bad breathe during the night. The resulting oxygenation of the blood becomes more difficult and the heart and lungs are urged to see a greater effort .

If the relaxation of the structures of the upper airways were to relax to the point of colassare giving rise to the so-called sleep apnea or morfeica , the patient will have an even greater stress cardio respiratory . The apnea breathing at night can last 10-40 seconds and be repeated hundreds of times throughout the night .

The diseases that can be connected to snoring are:

• Heart disease (arrhythmias , heart attack )
• High blood pressure
• Anosmia (inability to perceive odors )
• Headache
• Daytime Sleepiness
• Lack of concentration


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